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  Empowering youth for leadership in the 21st. century and beyond

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Youth Leadership

The mission of the club is to create and maintain a positive ,friendly environment necessary for all members  of the club to learn and grow.  Also to establish a mutually supportive atmosphere for speaking listening, & thinking, & putting into action these vital skills to create opportunities that foster human development , which will  contribute to the betterment of the community.   The activities of the club  overall improve leadership potential, promote self-actualization, enhance and build  strong self confidence

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Mission Statement

All youth deserve the best out of life regardless of their nationality, race, religion or creed.  Youth in Action Community Outreach is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong relationships with our youth , especially in the less privileged areas of our communities.  Our aim is to keep them busy, off the streets and out of trouble.  We do this by motivating them to become se-reliant, efficient, and productive members of society.

Our Work

Youth Mentor-ship

Join one of our local Youth Leadership Team every Wed. from 6:00 PM–9:00 PM In GTA.

Enjoy a fun filled evening of interactive debate, food, talk & speeches with our that’s supported by YIACCO

Develop your leadership skills by becoming apart of our sport, social & executive committee.  Maximize your potential for future opportunities and be one of several students chosen to travel with the team to Jamaica in the

Summer of 2018



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