About Us


About Us

Youth In Action Canada Community Outreach (YIACCO) partners with other organizations & businesses in our communities to create opportunities for mentoring our youth for strong leadership that will impact their family, their peers and their community to effect positive changes now and the future.

All youths deserve to have the best out of life regardless of their nationality, race, religion or creed.

YIACCO is a non-profit organization committed to finding and, providing the tools and the environment that will foster growth and development for youths to become self-reliant, efficient, and productive members of society.

Our goal is to provide activities of interest to our youth that will motivated them to stay busy, focus off the streets and out of trouble.

On this website you will find programs, projects and opportunities for growth, leadership, mentor-ship  and development.


Visit one our weekly leadership program and see how we are impacting lives

youtk at work
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Working and playing together creats a fun envirnment

A group of young people
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