We work closely with the schools and other non-profit organization in our communities to identify youth that are at risk, we then team them up with qualified, volunteer Mentors in the community.

The overall goal of the Mentorship Program is to help at risk youth discover their gifting, talents & aptitudes in areas they love, then they are empower by their mentor to make positive change in their lives, with the support and resources needed to do so offered by their mentors.  They are further encourage by the mentor to pursue higher education, a business or a career

We partner with volunteers mentors who are willing to commit to at least one year to volunteer their time for two to four hours a week to share teachings with  youth in their particular area of knowledge and/or expertise.

The Mentor-ship Program is great for at risk youth who are willing to work towards positive change in their lives by accepting and making the most of the mentorship opportunities that will be offered to them.  Youth must be willing to commit to meeting with a volunteer Mentor for two to four hours per week for at least one year.

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