Before & After School Basketball

This program is geared toward elementary school children

The morning program starts at seven thirty (7:30AM) and runs until eight thirty (8:30AM)

The  children are provided with a smart breakfast  combining fresh fruits fruit juices and carbohydrates  This is a great program for some kids who are having some problem fitting in socially.  It will help them to interact better with their peers as they become apart of the team.

The Evening Program starts twenty  (20) minuets after schools ends and runs from about 3:30PM -5:30 PM.  This is a great program for single parent moms or dads who are working and get home about 5:30 to 6:00 PM.  The program provides a very positive interaction for these kids until their parent get’s home.   The kids are provide with some refreshments /a light snack after school.

Only the kids attending a participating school are allowed to take part in this program because of the time restraints.




Youth Leadership

Participate In Our Weekly Youth Leadership Programs & Receive Community Service Hours

Reaching Youth At Risk One of our main goal in the youth Leadership club is reaching out to the youth to youth at risk in our community,  The relationship that we build in each club impact their lives in a positive way.   We achieve this goal through the  various committees in each club  where youth are serving youth under the direction of our adult coordinators, director and supervisor's.  The Club’s committees create meaningful activities that keeps our youth busy off the streets and out of trouble.

Each member of our  club get an opportunity each year to travel with their group to another country to serve other youth that are less fortunate than themselves.  The experience usually help to broaden the out look on life for many of the participants, and help them to be more appreciative of their own circumstances


Our Youth Clubs

Erica G Reg

Young Artist Academy

Improve Self-Confidence, Build Self-Esteem,  Increase Interpersonal Skills, Participate In a Positive, Educational Experience in Youth Artist Academy

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