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Street Ball International

Street ball international is a basketball game youth  play on their own neighborhood street  in a cul-de-sac.  YIACCO will provide the hoop,  ball  and the organizers.  The game organizers go door to door and speak to the parents and provide them with a flyer letting them know when and where the games will be played along with other particulars.   This is supported by many parents  because many are busy and are not able to take their child to the gym  to play basketball on a regular basis so they are pleased to know that their child can still be apart of a supervised game taking place right at their door step.  Its  great to know that while mom is cooking supper or doing some house hold choirs their child could be participating in a friendly neighborhood basketball game.  Maybe you just want to participate by volunteering to help organize the game, cheering the teams  or maybe you would just like to provide the kids some cool refreshments.   We welcome your support and would love to have you involved.   Street ball is usually done in late spring and throughout the summer for neighborhood kids  who love the game. We make sure all the kids in the neighborhood who want to participate get involved.  The fun for each child builds weekly toward the grand finally and the end of the summer.  Each child gets something special to commemorate the season such as a T- shirt, a prize or a trophy.