Our Volunteer Team

Volunteering is a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience  for our youth. It offer several viable option which can be used as a business or a career position.  It builds self-esteem and a sense of community. 

Youth have the opportunities to volunteer with our organization to fulfill their community hours.

We make the occasions fun and rewarding for all our youth participating in the youth involvement  program. Many youth that volunteer with us for their community hours will stay on to be apart of other daily and weekly programs that we offer.  We challenge all our youths to take their “game” to a higher level, because we know that it is only by stretching, reaching and growing that we will all achieve the goals we set for our selves in life.   Our volunteers use their skills to provide for the needy, learn about their community, and meet those dedicated to serving our community in an environment where they cannot fail.  We encourage our student volunteers to recognize the value and power in their own lives which can make a difference when put into actions .


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Making a Difference as a Volunteer

YIACCO is proud of the many volunteers who offer their dedication, hard work, and caring attitude to our programs and are an invaluable asset to our community!   Learn more about the difference our volunteers are making and see the many opportunities and positions available for volunteering with our program.  We're sure that you will find something that is just right for you!

Volunteering can enrich your life and the lives of other’s plus you can:

· Improve participant ratio

· Assist in the instruction of specific skills

· Enhance the quality of programs

· Educate our community as to the value of participation, thus improving lifestyles

· Provide opportunities for the community to gain piratical experience

· Act as a positive role models for participants


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Which of the following can you participate in: to make a difference

(1)   Before and after schools succor and basket ball programs

(2)  Fun splash arts and craft program

(3) The Green Committee

(4)  Neighborhood backyard summer camp (in City parks )

(5)  Neighborhood Street Ball Spring and summer programs One/One and 3 on 3 competitions

(6)  Leadership development (The Weekly presentation Club) Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

(7)  Office help after school and week ends (data entry answering the calls etc.

(8)  Brampton Clean City park clean up Spring and Fall

(9) Fund Raising Campaign /Canvassers for Donations

(10) Torturing program after school and week ends

(11)  Volunteer at a display table in various high school cross the city for student who would like sign                                         for community hours 

(12) Working at our display table after school and week end in one of the local community centre

To find out more about any of the fallowing position click on the link below

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